About me

Jonas Sibony

Born in Paris (France) in 1982, I grew up in Montpellier where I started studying Arabic and Hebrew in 2001 as an undergraduate at University Paul Valéry Montpellier III.

After an MA in Hebrew and Middle Eastern studies at the Inalco, Paris (National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations), during which I have also studied Berber languages and Yiddish as minors, I undertook a specialization in the Semitic linguistics field.

I’ve been working for 6 years at the Bulac Library of Oriental Languages (Paris)  as a collection librarian in charge of the hebrew and arabic collections.

I graduated as PhD at the ENS in Lyon (École Normale Supérieure) in 2013, where I focused on hebrew and arabic morphology.

The main classes I teach are:

  • Judeo-Arabic Dialects
  • Modern Hebrew
  • comparative Semitic Linguistics
  • Hebrew Grammar
  • Biblical Hebrew
  • Rabbinical Hebrew
  • Arabic dialectology
  • History of Hebrew language
  • History of Semitic languages
  • History of Ancient Middle East
  • Socio-linguistics in Israel/Palestine

The main fields of my research are :

  • Hebrew Linguistics
  • Comparative Semitic Linguistics
  • Arabic dialectology

I taught at INALCO during twelve years and at the Sorbonne University (Paris III and Paris IV) during two years before.

I now teach at  the Hebrew department of the UNISTRA (University of Strasbourg, France).

I’m a member of the GEO research center  – Groupe d’Etudes Orientales (Group of Oriental Studies)