• 05/07/19. “What Name for the Arabic Dialects of Moroccan Jews: Moroccan Judeo-Arabic, Arabic or Moroccan Arabic?”, GIS-MOMM Congress 2019, Panel Minorities in North-Africa, research through social sciences, dir. Jennifer Vanz. INALCO, Paris.
  • 01/07/19. Conduct of a workshop “Jewish-Languages”:The Journey of Texts in the Jewish World: the case of ‘Ehad Mi Yodea’ in Judeo-arabic, Judeo-Spanish and Yiddish, with personal intervention “Trajectories and Diversifications of the Arabic Versions”. Congress of Société des Etudes Juives, Strasbourg, France.
  • 24/06/19. “Moroccan Arabic Verbs in Peripheral Israeli Hebrew”, 47thannual meeting of North-Atlantic Conference of Afroasiatic Linguistic (NACAL). Sorbonne University-INALCO, Paris.
  • 22/06/19. “Jewish Moroccan Heritage”, Conference at the Yves-Saint Laurent Museum / Majorelle’s Garden, Marrakesh, Morocco.
  • 10/06/19. “An Ashkenazi Song of the Haggadah in Moroccan, Syrian and Yemeni Arabic”, 13thConference of AIDA. Akaki Tsereteli State University, Kutaisi, Georgia.
  • 12/05/19. “Zaguri Imperia, an Israeli Tv Show at the heart of Israel’s Moroccan Community”, Conference at Paris’ Jewish Museum (MAHJ), Paris.
  • 04/04/19. Animation of a Study Day “Judaism and Jewishness in the Islamic World”, Strasbourg University.


  • 05-06/12. “Curses and Profanities in Moroccan Judeo-Arabic and what’s left of it in Israel”, Three conferences at Inalco: research Team Maghrebi Arabic; Seminar Sociolinguistics and Dialectology of Arabic; Semitic Linguistics. INALCO, Paris.
  • 15/11. History and Identities of the Moroccan Jews, Public Conference, with the documentary filmmaker Izza Genini& historian Monique Dahan-Goldberg,
  • 31/10 & 01/11, השפעתו של תחביר השפה המרוקאית על העברית המזרחית של הפריפריה(Syntactic Influence of Moroccan Arabic into Modern Oriental Hebrew), Master seminar “Hebrew Studies” Yishai Neuman, Mikhlelet David Yelin, Jerusalem & Mikhlelet Akhva, Israel.
  • 12/09. Moroccan Arabic and Judeo-Arabic in Hebrew as Spoken by Israelis from Moroccan background – The case of the TV-Show Zaguri Imperya,International Conference “The journey of Hebrew throughout Time and Societies”, Inalco, Paris.
  • 04/07. על כמה מילים בעברית שבפי ישראלים ממוצא מרוקאי(About Some Words in the Hebrew Speech of Israelis from Moroccan Background), International Conference « REEH – Hebrew Language, Literature and Culture in the World”, Paris 8 –Vincennes University – Saint-Denis.
  • 28/03. “What is Judeo-Arabic? an Ambiguous denomination for Real Linguistic Phenomenons”. Department of Arabic Language, Strasbourg University, Strasbourg.
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  • 23/06. “Some Reflexions on the Formation of the Triconsonantal Roots in Semitic”, Glecs,
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  • 13/04. “Opening the Archives of the Sephardic Communities in Jerusalem”, Archives in Conflict, Casa Velazquez, EPHE, Ecole Française d’Athènes, ERC Open Jerusalem, – French National Archives, Pierrefitte-Sur-Seine.
  • 05/03. “The ‘Matrix and Etymon Theory’, Description of a System or Simple Lexical Tendencies?”, Selefa, Paris.
  • 17/02. “Presentation of the Hebrew Documentary Collection of the Bulac Library and of the Hebrew and Judeo-Spanish Manuscripts”, Seminar Master I Middle-East Mediteranean “Social History and Medieval Middle East” Vanessa VanRenterghem – Inalco – Bulac, Paris.
  • 5/02. “Hypotheses on the Semitic’s Lexicon’s Formation and Organization”, Doctoral Seminar « Semitic Linguistics » Georgine Ayoub– Inalco, Paris.
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  • 07/01 “Historical and Linguistical Presentation of Judeo-Arabic through its double dynamics: Arabic Dialectology / Jewish Languages Linguistics”, Seminar Master II « Histoires et cultures séfarades »Marie-Christine Varol– Inalco, Paris.


  • 11/12 “Beyond the Triconsonantal Root, Formation and Organization of the Lexicon of the Semitic Language”, Conference of Association Samah- Paris-Sorbonne, Amphi Descartes, Paris.