#Semitic *√NḪR ‘snore,snort’ *naḫīr ‘nostril’

naḫāru 𒍝𒊏𒄷 snore
naḫīru ‘nose’
nāḫiru ‘sea-horse, whale’
ảnḫr 𐎀𐎐𐎃𐎗 dolphin
nāḥar נחר snore
nəḥīr נחיר nostril
nəḥar נחר sneeze, blow nose
nəḥīrā נחירא nostril
nəḥar ܢܚܰܪ snort,sneeze
naḥīrā ܢܚܝܪܐ nostril
naḫara نخر snort
manḫir منخر nostril
nəḫra ንኅረ snore,snort
nəḫrīr ‘nose
naḫrér ‘nose
náḥrər ‘nose
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