#Semitic *√ʾŦR ‘to stride’ *ʾaŧar ‘step, footprint, vestige’:

ašru 𒆠 (KI) place, site, region
ašāru ‘to watch, organize’
ʾaŧru 𐎀𐎘𐎗 place
ʾaŧara 𐎀𐎘𐎗 to go, follow
ʾaŧra 𐎀𐎘𐎗 after, then, where
ʾšr 𐤀𐤔𐤓 place
ʾāšar אשר to stride
ʾaššūr אשור step
ʾăšer אשר that (rel.)
ʾaṯrā אתרא place
ʾaṯrā ܐܬܪܐ place
ʾiŧr/ʾaŧar أثر place, vestige, footprint
ʾŧr 𐩱𐩻𐩧 after
cʾŧr 𐩱𐩻𐩧 to go
ʾihor ‘to follow’
ʾaśara አሠረ to follow
ʾas/śar አሰር/ አሠር path, trace
asär አሠር footprint
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1 Response to #Semitic *√ʾŦR ‘to stride’ *ʾaŧar ‘step, footprint, vestige’:

  1. Sagi says:

    Hebrew also has אתר for site (incl. website).

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