#Semitic √ḪTM ‘seal’ (< Ancient #Egyptian ḫtm 'seal')

ḥāṯam חתם ‘to seal,complete’
ḥōṯām חותם ‘seal,impression’
ḥăṯīmâ חתימה ‘seal,signature’
ḥtm 𐤇𐤕𐤌 ‘to seal,complete’
ḥăṯam חתם ‘to seal,complete’
ḥaṯmā חתמא ‘seal’
ḥəṯam ܚܬܡ ‘to cease, seal, print’
ḥaṯmā ܝܬܡܐ ‘seal’
ḫatama ختم ‘to seal, cicatrize’
ḫātam خاتم ‘seal, ring’
ḫitām ختام ‘end, fence’
ḫātim خاتم ‘anus’
ḫtum ‘to end’
ḫōtəm ‘ring’
ḫatama ኀተመ ‘to seal, end, stamp’
ḥatämä ሓተመ ‘to seal, print’
ḥatma ሓትመ ‘seal, stamp, print’
attäma አተመ ‘to seal, print’
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