#Semitic *yad / ʾid ‘hand’ 𒁕, 𐎊𐎄, 𐤉𐤃, יד , ܐܝܕ, يد, 𐩺𐩵, እድ

#Semitic *yad / ʾid ‘hand’
idu 𒁕
yadu 𐎊𐎄
yad 𐤉𐤃
yāḏ יד
yəḏā ידא
ʾīḏā ܐܝܕܐ
yad يد
yad 𐩺𐩵
ʾəd እድ
ʾəde እዴ
ʾid ኢድ
əǧǧ እጅ


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