Semitic baby talk *√DvD “breast, parent, beloved” 𐎄𐎄, דד, 𐤃𐤃, ደደ, ܕܕ, دد

baby talk *√DvD “breast, parent, beloved” (<*√WDD “love?)

  • dād “courting, beloved
  • dadd “child

  • ḏd 𐎏𐎄/ dd 𐎄𐎄 “love

  • dad דד “breast
  • dāwīḏ דוד “David
  • dōḏ דוד “beloved, paternal uncle
  • dōḏīm דודים “caress

  • ddn 𐤃𐤃𐤍 “paternal uncle”

  • daddā דדא “breast”
  • dōḏā דודא “paternal uncle”

  • dd “paternal uncle”

  • dāḏā ܕܵܕܵܐ “paternal uncle, friend

  • dd “uncle”

  • dāda دادة “nanny, midwife”

  • dīd “paternal uncle”

  • dedo “paternal uncle”

  • dit “aunt”

  • dud ዱድ “paternal uncle

  • dūdu “breast”

  • dad
  • tits…
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