“Ark, chest” < Egyptian đb’t “sarcophagus” or tbt “chest” תיבה 𐤕𐤉‬𐤁‬𐤄‬ תיבותא تابوت ታቦት θήβη

word for “chest, ark” is an loanword from đb’t “sarcophagus” or tbt “chest”:

  • tēḇâ תיבה
  • tēḇaṯ nōaḥ תיבת נוח “Noah’s Ark”

  • tībâ תיבה

  • tēḇūṯā תיבותא

  • tīḇūṯâ תיבותה (abs. tīḇū)


From tēḇūṯā תיבותא:

< Aramaic

  • tābūt تابوت (From Aramaic of the Jews of Madina? or indirectly Aramaic > Geez tābōt > Arabic)

< Aramaic

  • tābōt ታቦት

< Aramaic

  • θήβη, θίβωνος

  • t’aput
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