*√ṬLQ “release, throw back”

Semitic *√ṬLQ “release, throw back” appears in:

  • ṭəlaq טלק“to throw, release”

  • ṭəleq ܛܠܩ“to disappear, die”

  • ṭallaqa طلّق “to repudiate”
  • ṭaliqa طلق“to move away”
  • ’aṭlaqa اطلق“to free”

  • həṭlawq “to free, chase, make run”

  • eṭleq “to free”

  • aṭlōq “to free”

  • ṭaleq “to repudiate”

  • ṭälläqä “to let go, cease, stop, forget”
  • ṭəllīq “free, legal, open”
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