*√ṬĠW/Y “corruption, amorality”

*√ṬĠW/Y “corruption, amorality”:

  • ṭāt “corruption skill, bribe”

  • hiṭˁâ הטעה“mislead, deceive”
  • ṭāˁūṯ טעות “mistake, idol” <

  • ṭāˁūṯā טעותא“mistake, idol”

  • ṭˁy “make a mistake”
  • ṭˁw “mistake”

  • ṭˁā ܛܥܐ “be wrong, forget, wander, be seduced”

  • aṭa “seduce”

  • ṭaġā طَغَى “be out of limit, overflow, boil; absolute, autocratic, despotic”
  • ṭāġin طاغٍ “despotic, oppressor, arbitrary, tyrant
  • ṭāġūt طاغوت “idol, demon, sorcerer, magician, false god” <


  • ṭāˁot “idol”

  • ṭa’ot “idol


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