*√ḪRP “early > early harvest > harvest season > autumn/summer/winter”

Semitic *√ḪRP “early > early harvest > harvest season > autumn/summer/winter”:

  • ḫarāpu  “to be early”
  • ḫarpū “harvest time, early harvest, summer”
  • ḫarpūtu “early moment”
  • ḫarpē “early summer”

  • ḫurpānu 𐎃𐎗𐎔𐎐 “autumnal”

  • ḥorep̄ חֹרֶף “harvest time, autumn > winter”

  • ḫarafa خرف“pluck, gather fruit”
  • ḫarīf خريف“freshly gathered fruit, autumn”

  • ḫrf 𐩭𐩧𐩰 “autumn”

  • ḫrf 𐩭𐩧𐩰 “autumn, harvest, year”

  • ḫarf “rainy season”

  • ḫorf “rainy season”

  • ḥorf “autumn”

  • ḫōref “autumn”

  • ḫarif ኀሪፍ “present year”
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