*√ḪBṮ “corrupt”

*√ḪBṮ “corrupt”:

  • ḫabuṯa خبث “bad, awful, vile, corrupt”
  • ḫabīṯ خبيث “despicable”

  • ḫăbbət (خبّت (خبّث “offend, irritate”
  • ḫābāt (خابات (خبث “moral or physical impurity”

  • ḫabat خبث “discreet when acting bad”

  • ḫōṯ “to do sthg bad to someone”
  • ḫīṯ “bad”


?Related to roots *√ḪBT “steal, loot”? *√ḪB/PṮ “non-slave (cf. heb. ḥpš “free”), soldier”?

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