*√Rv̄Ḥ “wind, blow”

*√Rv̄Ḥ “wind, blow”

  • rḥ 𐎗𐎈 “wind, perfume”

  • rūaḥ רוח “wind, air, breath, soul, spirit”
  • rēaḥ ריח “smell, odor”

  • rūḥā ܪܘܚܐ “wind, breath, spirit”
  • rēḥā ܪܝܚܐ “odor”

  • rūḥ روح “wind, soul, spirit, vital principle”
  • rīḥ, rā’iḥa ريح, رائحة “wind, odor, scent
  • riḥ “hot wind”
  • iráḥ “hot west summer wind”
  • raḥ “wind, blow
  • rəḥya “emit an odor”
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