*√GWW (GY’?) “inside, chest, valley”

*√GWW (GY’?) “inside, chest, valley”:

  • gaw “inside”
  • gay’ “valley”; construct state gē;
  • gē-hinnom “Valley of Hinnom”

  • ǧaww “inside, middle, air…”
  • ǧaww’ “large valley”

  • ge “country”

  • gē-hinnom “Valley of Hinnom”: South of Jerusalem where the Ammonites used to sacrifice children to god Moloch


  • gēhinnām

  • guhnam

  • ǧahannam

  • gahānam

  • gähannäb / ǧähannäb

  • gannäb

gē-hinnom “Valley of Hinnom” in European languages >

  • γέεννα

  • Gehenna

  • Gehenna

  • géhenne

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