*√GBL “border, mountain?”

*√GBL “border, mountain?”

  • gubla 𒁺𒆷 “Byblos” (<West-Semitic)

  • gbl 𐎂𐎁𐎍 “summit, mount, frontier, end”
  • gublu 𐎂𐎁𐎍 “Byblos”

  • gbl 𐤂𐤁𐤋 “territory”


  • ǧabālܓܒܠ “mountain, natural forest, reed bed”

  • gəḇūl גבול “border”
  • gōḇel גובל “field border”
  • gəḇal גבל “Byblos”

  • gbl 𐤂𐤁𐤋 “territory, border”
  • gebal / gubal 𐤂𐤁𐤋 “Byblos” –

  • gubulim 𐤂𐤁𐤋𐤌“territories”

  • ǧabal جبل“mountain”
  • ǧubula جبلة“bump”
  • ǧbayl جبيل “Byblos”

  • gblt 𐩴𐩨𐩡𐩩 “mountainous region?, cultivated land surrounding village?”
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