*√BṬL “to cease”

*√BṬL “to cease” appears in:

  • baṭālu “cease, be without work”

  • bāṭal “be without work” (<Akkadian? Aramaic?)

  • ’abṭālâ “unemployment”
  • bāṭēl “worthless, invalid”

  • bṭēl “cease, without work”

  • bṭil “worthless”

  • baṭala “reduced to nothing, without work”

  • bāṭəl “free, unfair, in vain”

  • bṭol “wipe out, annihilate”

  • bṭl “burning”
  • šbṭl “be empty, desert dry”

  • habṭóul “annihilate”

  • baṭala “worthless, vain, cease, abolished”

  • bäṭlä “worthless”

  • bäṭṭälä “spoiled” bəṭul “incorrect”
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