*√ḤQQ “to adjust?”

*√ḤQQ “to adjust?”:

  • ḥāqaq “establish, regulate”
  • ḥōq “fixed, custom, law”

  • ḥuqqā “line, rule”

  • ḥiqq/ḥaqq “truth, duty”
  • ḥaqqa “to be sure”

  • ḥaqaqa “equalize,fix”

  • ḥaqqi “truth, certainty”

  • ḥəgg “religious law, marriage, virginity”

  • ḥaq “judgment”

  • ḥəḳ “to adjust, file”
  • ḥaḳ “right, law”
  • ḥəḳáyḳ “paying rightly”
  • šəḥḳáwḳ “be sure”

  • ḥaḳ “right, law”
  • ḥáḳiḳ “paying rightly”
  • aḥḳéḳ “to ask s̃ḥεḳéḳ “deserve”
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