*√KPR “to wipe”

*√KPR “to wipe” appears in:

  • kapāru “to spread, wipe”
  • kuppuru “purify”
  • kāpir “temple’s worker”
  • takpirtu “wiping rite”

  • kapara 𐎋𐎔𐎗“to wipe, expiate?”

  • kāp̄ar כפר “to deny a conventionally accepted truth”
  • kōp̄ēr כופר “heretic, atheist”
  • kipper כיפר “to expiate, forgive”
  • kappārâ כפרה “atoning sacrifice, forgiveness”
  • kippūr כיפור “expiation” (yom kippur “Day of Atonement”)

  • kəpar כפר “to wipe, clean”
  • kapper כפר“to expiate”

  • kaffara كفّر “accuse of unbelief, expiate”
  • tafkīrتكفير “atonement”
  • kaffāra كفّارة “atoning sacrifice, expiation”
  • kafara كفر “cover, deny, not believe in a single god”
  • kāfir كافر “heretic, atheist, infidel, disbeliever”
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