*√ṬLB “to search, ask”

*√ṬLB “to search, ask”:

  • ṭlb 𐎉 𐎍 𐎁 “?”

(Modern Standard Arabic)

  • ṭalaba طلب “search, call, demand, summon”
  • ṭālib طالِب “student, asking”

  • ṭləb طلب “beg, ask”

  • ṭləb טלב “ask, pray”

  • ṭulbah “tax”

  • ṭəlub “ask, demand”

  • ṭolob “ask, demand”

  • ṭlb “beg”

  • ṭēlōb “ask, demand”

  • ṭälbä “call, pay tax”

  • ṭäläbä “ask, demand”
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