*√ḪNN “stench, mucus” (2 roots?)

*√ḪNN “stench, mucus” (2 roots?)

  • ḫanānu “to flow (mucus)”

  • ḥānan חנן “to stink”

  • ḥan “soiled with sweat”
  • ḥanīnā “rancid”

  • ḫanna خنّ “cry or laugh with nasal voice”
  • ḫunān خنان “camel mucus”
  • istaḫanna استخنّ“exhale fetid smell (from well)”

  • ḫonna خنّة “pungent smell”
  • ḫnūna خنونة “mucus”

  • ḫinn “speak through the nose”
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