*√ḤLL “free, profane, open?”

*√ḤLL “free, profane, open?” appears in:

  • elēlu “become pure”

  • ḥall 𐎈𐎍 “profane”
  • ḥillala 𐎈𐎍𐎍 “to purify, clean, return to profane”

  • ḥōl חֹל “profane”
  • ḥillēl חִלֵּל “to desecrate”
  • ? ḥālāl חָלָל “space”
  • ? ḥallōn חַלּוֹן “window”

  • ḥallāla ܚܲܠܵܠܵܐ “licit”
  • halāl ܗܲܠܵܠ “lawful” (arabic?)

  • ḥalla “to be lawful, to free” >?north african ḥəll “to open”
  • ḥalāl “licit, Halal”
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