*√RḤM “uterus, womb”

Semitic root *√RḤM “uterus, womb” appears in


  • raḥm 𐎗𐎈𐎎”uterus, matrix”
  • raḥima 𐎗𐎈𐎎”to be merciful”



  • reḥem רֶחֶם “uterus, matrix”
  • riḥem רִחֵם “to be merciful”
  • raḥmān רַחְמָן “merciful God”



  • raḥim رَحِم “uterus, matrix”
  • raḥima رَحِمَ “to be merciful”
  • raḥīm رَحِيم “merciful, God”
  • raḥmān رَحمان “merciful, God”
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